Motivation Monday: Don’t Give Up

Motivation Monday!!

Your legs are not giving out, your head is giving up. Exercise and weight loss is a mental challenge not a physical one. This is why I have developed this series of posts. You need good mental strength in order to push yourself to finish a workout and give it your “all”.  When you start to feel short of breath or your muscles feel like they are going to give out, don’t give up! You need to push yourself and stay mentally strong. Stay motivated to reach your goals!! Everyone struggles with this from time to time, you’re not alone.

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Motivation Monday: Eat Right

Motivation Monday!!

You don’t have to eat less, you just have to eat right. That is part of what clean eating is all about. Clean eating is not a diet but more of a lifestyle. It is not a short term extreme diet to get you quick results that don’t last. When you decide to follow rules of a clean eating, it will be easier for your body to lose weight. Also be mindful of calories. Counting calories is a great way to help you loss weight. A good calorie guideline for weight loss is 1400-1600 calories per day. Skip liquid calories and fill yourself up with healthy foods to nourish your body and fuel your workouts.


Motivation Monday: Earn Your Body

Motivation Monday!!

  • I want to get healthy.
  • I want to look better.
  • I will eat right.
  • I will exercise.

I will earn my body.

Earning your body takes work. It takes motivation and strength to push yourself to reach your goals. To reach them it will take time and a lot of work that only you can do. To loss weight you need to get healthy by stopping bad habits. You will look “better” by developing more self confidence. Eat right by getting rid of junk foods and stocking your kitchen and pantry with healthy foods. And of course to loss weight you need to exercise. It takes work to earn your body, so work for it!


Motivation Monday: Obsessed

Motivation Monday!!

I am obsessed with becoming a woman who is comfortable in her own skin. Self confidence. Trust yourself and feel good about yourself. When you reach your goals, even little ones, this sparks a felling of accomplishment. It gives you more confidence. When your start reaching goals that you have set, you feel like you must be doing something right!! Progress. Weight some of that weight that you wanted to loss, knowing to yourself that you are eating healthier, and having your clothes fit a little better, these are things that make you feel accomplished. So set little goals and crush them! Once you start reaching those goals and feeling better about yourself, you will feel obsessed with it! Keep going, Push Yourself! Feel comfortable in your own skin.

Also I’m excited to announce Country Clean N Fit is hosting a Back-to-School Weight Loss Challenge. The challenge runs through the month of September. I am looking for ladies (or men) who are looking to lose 5-20 pounds. Winner is determined by % of weight lost, not total weight lost. Some people have more to lose then other so this is the fairest. Prize TBD. I’m thinking a Gift Card of some sort!! Sign-up through our Facebook Page by August 31st!!

Motivation Monday: Strength for Tomorrow

Motivation Monday!!

The pain you fell today is the strength you fell tomorrow. When you’re felling sore during your workouts, push yourself!! This is just your muscles building themselves stronger. When you start a new exercise program or new routine, your muscles may not be used to this kind of movement.

The next day you may fell a little sore and achy. This is normal!! Soreness is good. Pain to your muscles is different. You are the only one that knows how your own body feels. Know the difference between discomfort and pain.

Have the strength to push through the discomfort of sore muscles!! This makes them stronger. Stronger muscles make exercising easier. It makes them about the lift more weight. This is progress!! Keep going! Strive for your goals and for progress. What you do during today’s workout will make tomorrow’s workout easier.


Monday Motivation: Stay Positive

Results are not seen overnight. It can be very discouraging when you take the time and effort to workout several times a week and not see results. You try to follow a healthy eating regime and little change is seen. It takes weeks to see results– keep going!! Stay positive and stay strong!

You need to fight for yourself and keep on working towards your goals. Remember why you started. You need to make changes in your life for them to happen. Team up with a buddy to help push each other towards your goals. Stick together to make your workouts happen. Push each other.

Stay focused and stay strong. Don’t give up on yourself. You need to stay mentally strong to have ability push yourself physically.



Monday Motivation: Do 10 More!

Sometimes during a workout, you’re tired and you feel like you’re dying. When you feel like you can’t, push yourself to do more. Results come from effort. Results come from pushing yourself when you fell time you just can’t do it anymore. Push yourself. You can do it. It’s mind over matter!

Monday Motivation: Take Care of Yourself

Fall in love with taking care of yourself. That is what following a healthy lifestyle is all about. Take care of yourself. Find an activity that you enjoy doing that keeps you moving. Weather it be yoga, running, HIIT, kick-boxing, weight lifting, cardio, hiking, or roller blading, keep yourself active. Try new things until you find the one that is right for you!! Find healthy foods you love.