7 Days in Mexico



As I had mentioned in previous posts we had been planning a trip to Mexico. Well it finally came! We dropped the kids off at a friend’s house (bless her heart) and headed off to the airport. We had an adults only vacation. There was a total of 8 of us, 3 couples and 2 other guys. We left Minneapolis and arrived in Atlanta, from there we went straight to the island of Cozumel, Mexico. I was excited to the fact that I was able to use my passport for the first time! I coworker’s friend once told me happiness=passport stamps. I can totally see were she is coming with that! Although it was a little hard to be away from the kids, a getaway is a nice break from work, adulting, and all the responsibilities that come with it. With that being said we did have a great time but it sure is nice to be home.


The first day and night was spent with traveling to get there, unpacking our clothes, and deciding what activities to plan for the week. Then it was time to enjoy our vacation! We stayed the week at Sunscapes Saber Resort. It is an all inclusive resort with 4 restaurants and several bars. There are also 2 pools, a gym, spa, a kids club, and many sandy beaches. There are daily activities such as beach volleyball, water polo, and bingo. There was also nightly entertainment in the lounge or pool side theater. If you did decide to bring your kids, there are many fun things to do around the resort. They would be more then entertained.

SUNSCAPE Sabor Resort
SUNSCAPE Sabor Lobby

During our week stay, we decided to do a couple of activities with other members of our group off of the resort. The two that we did were deep sea fishing and and ATV tour. We didn’t have much lucky fishing but it was still fun to go out on the ocean. We caught one barracuda which one of the crew chopped up and created a bowl of fresh cevechi. I had never tried it before and thought it was pretty good. We unfortunately headed back to shore early due to a couple of the guys on the boat being seasick.

The ATV tour was fun. There was 4 of us that went. We took a short ride through some rough and smooth trails through the jungle. The vegetation was beautiful. We even stopped at an old cenote which some people in our tour group decided to jump into. The smell of sulfur and the fact of getting wet fettered me from this. No thank you. We got very dusty while riding the ATVs. The business sold bandanas to cover your face with and had sinks available for washing up afterwards. Fun but a little dirty! The free Tequila tasting at the end was a plus!

My favorite thing that we did was rent a vehicle and do some exploring. We took a drive on the opposite side of the island. We were away from the downtown tourism, boating ports, and resorts. The opposite side of the island is protected and development is prohibited. There are miles of untouched jungle and beautiful views of the ocean. There are rocky beaches, one including a nature made swimming pool. There are also a small handful of native shops and restaurants. We took a walk into a large rock where the waves would come crashing into with the change in tides. It was truly amazing! We did stop for a drink a bar where they made slushy drink made of fresh fruit. They literally grabbed fruit out of fruit bowls and sliced it up right there for your drink. Fresh pineapple, mango, papaya, coconuts, limes, ECT. Very neat.

For lunch we ate at The Coconut’s Bar and Grill. We had some amazing cheeseburgers and fries. To get to the restaurant you climb a stone trial where the restaurant sits up on a cliff. The views of the ocean were amazing. It is known as the highest point of Cozumel. You can eat and drink while enjoying views of the ocean. The bar is very neat, their were t-shirts fastened to the ceiling from all over. Also there are parrots, a chameleon, and crocodile to check out when you are finished eating. It was a wonderful experience. While dining the ladies at our table were gifted a “grasshopper” made from palm tree leaves. We also watched this same gentlemen create a hat, which he then was selling for $25. Very crafty and entertaining. He was very fast at making them and showed great skill.

Coconut’s Bar & Grill

After some more downtown shopping it was back to the resort. The restaurants there included a Seaside Grill, Buffet, Italian, and Mexican cuisine. We always had many options of food to choose from. From lasagna to chicken fajitas to baked cod, great choices are to be had. At almost all of the spaces outdoor that you eat at, you are visited by these native “cow” birds. They are everywhere on the island. We also would see lizards.

While on the resort when enjoyed topical drinks daily. The bartenders where great and very knowledgeable. The piña coladas, mango tango, strawberry daiquiris, and mojitos were our favorite. The bars also had the local beer Dos Equis on tap for any beer drinkers. The swing chairs at the Seaside Bar were fun. Occasionally we would take our drinks to go and walk with them along the beaches or decide to find a lounge chair.

The resort had sailboats, kayaks, and snorkel gear available until 4pm everyday. The kayaking was fun. We  also went out snorkeling a handful of times. Under the pier we found many, along with a stingray. The water is very clear and beautiful. The most common fish we seen where Caribbean blue tang, occasionally angelfishes.

Overall we enjoyed our vacation to Mexico thoroughly. The food and drinks where great. We picked up some great souvenirs. And we would recommend others to check it out!