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Hi, everyone!! I’m super excited to start with this whole blogging business. I’m excited and a little nervous. To start out, let me tell you a little about myself. Well I’m a country girl. I grew on a farm and now currently live out in the county with my husband and 3 boys. We are currently finishing construction on a house we moved and re-modeled. Quite a project but we are loving that its finally all coming together. We have a basement with plans to finish and some much needed landscaping!! TONS on our to do list. I plan to include posts on home re-modeling and décor. I also have a passion for clean eating and am motivated to get back into shape. I have a newborn who is 3 weeks old. I need to get to my pre-preggo state!! I love running, yoga, and circuit training. With my 3 boys at home and working full time as an RN, I have no time to fit the gym. I do @ home workouts!! I recently lost 10 lbs and got fit before getting pregnant- now to start all over again!

Author: CleanNFit

HI!! My name is SaraLyn. I am a country girl who loves cooking and trying new recipes. I currently work full time as a Registered Nurse. I am married and have 3 wonderful boys. Our youngest just turned 1 year old. I have lost some of my post-partum weight and have a few more pounds to go. I created this blog to share my story and to help motive others to stay active, eat healthy, and loss weight!!

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