Hi! Welcome to Country Clean N Fit! On my website, you will find things like Clean Eating recipe ideas and fitness motivation and tips. I myself, am striving to follow a healthy lifestyle and try new recipes. I want to share these recipes with you. I sure hope that you enjoy them and that they inspire you to eat healthy. After having 3 children (all boys!!), I have a few pounds of baby weight to get rid out. I plan to stay active to loss and keep out that weight. Every Monday, I will be sharing a motivation quote to help my readers stay on track. If you wish to view past motivational quote, they can be found in the “Fitness” section. Recipes that I have posted will be in the “Clean Eating” section. I hope you enjoy!! Along the way you will also see occasional posts about my new house, yard, landscaping, and garden. My family loves living in the country and we will be sharing a bit of that. Have a nice day! If you want reach out to me, I would love to hear from you. Just fill out a contact form on our Contact Page!